This week is all about Brand YOU in the media.

Building a Brand YOU is not just about social media. Other mediums are vital for your growth and longevity if you truly want to make an impact.
In this module, we’ll talk about contributing articles or posts to publications, on or offline.
In this module of Week 4: In The Media, we’re focusing on podcasts. Getting interviewed on podcasts as marketing strategy to building your Brand YOU is easier than you think – it doesn’t cost any money, it doesn’t take much time, and anyone who’s comfortable talking about their area of expertise can do it.
You now have 2 fabulous, creative tasks to be working on, that if followed through, will result in leads, relationships, exposure and sales.

Being interviewed on podcasts and writing pieces are two of the easier ways to generate noise in the media. In this last module for Week 4, we’re focusing on the others that I have used over the past 15 years to build my BRAND YOU.