I couldn’t not reach this point in the course and not bring in the importance of what you wear, how you appear to others and how this impacts your Personal Brand.

This is not about making you little clones of each other. It is about expressing your individuality AND without sitting down in front of you, much of what I will say is going to be a 360 overview – tips and techniques I have learned along the way so that you can apply this to your own style.
In this module, I am spilling the beans! Super easy style hacks, sharing 20 years of experience of being a Celebrity Stylist. The pitfalls I have seen clients make and how not to do them for you.

Brand YOU is about sharing your own uniqueness and creativity but depending on your job or career choice, there could be certain dress codes in place which means there are standards that you need to adhere to.

The key points in these modules are going to give you ideas on how you can apply it to your style, whether you are male or female.