kelly lundberg

Kelly is a Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker, Author and Founder of BrandYOU Creators who empowers entrepreneurs to grow their personal brand and business for maximum impact and income.

my mission is to inspire 5 people a day to action

A Business Mentor, Personal Branding Expert, Athlete Branding Strategist and Style Expert, Dream-Nurturer and Goal-Grabber constantly dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurs to grow their personal brand and business for maximum impact and income.

my backstory

In the shoes of this successful business owner once stood a young girl with big dreams, in her Emirates airline’s standard-issue pillar box red heels.

I had an entrepreneurial itch to scratch that I could no longer ignore. So I hung up my wings, took a car loan making sure to write ‘Porsche’ on the form, and invested every dirham of it to launch the Middle East’s first-ever styling agency.

The fact that styling & personal shopping was a new concept to the market, coupled with the pending global recession bubbling between the balance sheets, wrote the prelude to my next big life chapter – my first make or break business turning point, just three years into its infancy.

In 2009 it hit, like a slap in the face. To jump out of my comfort zone once more and pivot my business, I swam hard against the tide and hired my first business coach. At a time when others scaled back, I invested… in me. My continued success is constant proof that it was the best investment I ever made (the Manolos come a close second though).

“It was my “Aha!” moment – Learning that everything I needed to know was already out there and by working smarter and not harder, I could learn from the mistakes of others to create the success in myself.”

So I shunned the naysayers, I CTRL+X’ed the Negative Nancies telling me I wasn’t techy enough to survive in a digital landscape. I renaissance-d my way back to educating (an inerrant passion of mine), published an e-book and created my first online course. I worked out how to record my own podcast series, built an online community of big business dreamers around me and constantly re-assessed what worked, what didn’t and what I could do to develop my own personal brand… remembering Marie Forleo’s words, “Everything is figureouatable.”

and now …

I help entrepreneurs with their business and personal brand growth for maximum financial return; create a space in the digital market place and amplify their value, personal brand and profit.

i've never been happier...

I’m able to do this because I share what I know. I teach what I’ve personally done to build a time-leveraged successful business and I want you to be able to do the same.

Start your journey, write your next chapter, build your personal brand or launch your business!

my journey

Hung up my wings (Cabin Crew), Launched StyleMeDivine.com, Featured in Ahlan Magazine “Hot 100 people to watch”
Styled my first 100 clients, Won 1st Lloyds TSB Small Business Award + $10,000 prize, Launched an online wedding registrar business
Judged at the Dubai World Cup, Sold my first business – the online wedding registrar
Published a book ‘Success in the City’, Became an Auntie, Launched my YouTube Channel (but did nothing with it)
Survived the recession!
Finalist of the ‘Most Stylish Female Scottish Style Awards’, Flew to The Big Apple to shop and style a client for her wedding
Booked by Harvey Nichols to give a Styling Workshop, Series Launched personal brand ‘Kelly Lundberg Official’ (KLO)
Finalist in the Scottish Fashion Awards for ‘Scottish Communicator Of The Year’
Launched The 7 Step Styling Formula™ online course, started mentoring aspiring stylists
Hosted first workshop in Los Angeles, walked the red carpet at the Bafta’s in L.A
TEDx Talk Personal Brand & Style Consultant to Saudi Royalty
Divorced. Moved into my dream apartment in Anantara Hotel, launched The S.Academy Attended ‘Date with Destiny with Tony Robbins ‘(bucket list tick)
Won Influencer of the Year Award, hired a KLO dedicated videographer to grow online brand presence, officially started mentoring female entrepreneurs outside the style arena
Extended digital support to S.Academy mentees, worked with luxury brands: Louis Vuitton and Chanel Sold StyleMeDivine.Com
Won Entrepreneur of the Year from Blue Ocean’s Women Leadership Awards Launched Brand YOU Mentoring Programme 12,000+ attendees of virtual webinars
Launched The Kelly Lundberg Podcast Mentored over 150 business owners Launched BrandYouCreators.com
Relaunched Kelly Lundberg YouTube Channel Speaker at The Scalathon Conference
Joined a business mastermind in the UK Hired great coaches & grew business by 72% Spoke at HSBC, Standard Chartered, luxury hotels in Dubai & Saudi Arabia
Published Deseed The Lemon Got married The rest is yet to come….
Hung up my wings (Cabin Crew), Launched StyleMeDivine.com, Featured in Ahlan Magazine “Hot 100 people to watch”


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