Antoinette Chorlton

My love affair with fashion started very early… by the age of 3, I already knew what I liked and wanted to wear. As a teenager, I poured over the pages of whatever fashion magazines I could find and spent all my pocket money on foreign Vogue and Elle, imagining the glamorous world of fashion – fast forward 30 years and I am the Founder & Editor of Style Conversations Magazine: a free monthly online magazine helping women understand the benefits of fashion by simplifying the latest trends.

This magazine is a small contribution, but meaningful to me, filled with my childhood memories and dreams, translated into my adult vision, always inspired by style. A direct result from my journey of a passion for fashion and style.

After a successful career as a personal and editorial stylist in South Africa and Australia, relocating back to the UAE in 2013, I completed the 7-Step Styling Formula with Kelly, however this was not my first encounter with her – way back in our Emirates days, I am sure we did a few flights together…

Fast forward again to life in lockdown and Kelly’s Brand YOU program – that is when it finally came together for the magazine and I took it to the next level, established my niche and streamlined my target audience. Kelly also gave me valuable feedback on how to present the magazine in the best way and how to fine tune my offering – which evolves daily, getting better and better.

Kelly taught me so much in terms of presenting your best self as an extension of your brand, because ultimately YOU are your brand. I will forever consider Kelly my mentor and personal inspiration – there is nothing this woman can’t do!

Thanks to Kelly, I am living my childhood dream of editing my own fashion magazine.

Founder & Editor, Style Conversations Magazine

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