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Discuss Having A Personal Brand With Kelly

How Does Having A Personal Brand Make You More Successful

I was recently asked by Arabian Business, “does having a personal brand make you more successful?”  My immediate answer was yes, of course it will help you. But it does depend on what your definition of  success is – and that is a much deeper question and one for another

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Fashion Style with Belts

Fashion Style Tips & Tricks: 11 Ways To Style Belts

Hey there, thought I’d check in with you in the best way I know how *drum – roll* … with a Three Ways to Wear video! A little different this time. I wanted to shine a light on one of the most underestimated accessories that we’ve often taken for granted –

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I Received The 2020 Entrepreneur Of The Year Award From Blue Ocean

…Were the words whizzing around in my head last weekend (Oops! sorry if I duped you there, but hang around, there’s something for you in this blog too). For now, check out my sparkly new accessory –  Entrepreneur of the Year Award  from Blue Ocean’s Women Leadership Awards. Now, although I don’t need an

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