Deseed The Lemon – Elevate Your Personal Brand One Pip at a Time

I first started writing this book back in 2019, the idea was there but not yet fully formed. It was put on hold, and I revisited it in January 2023.

Going behind the scenes of what it took to complete this were the steps I took in order for the finished book.

  1. Setting a goal: After deciding to hire an expert to hold me accountable and get my thoughts down on paper, it was the best investment to move this project forward. After two initial meetings, the layout was clear: bite-sized goals to achieve 16 chapters, approximately 3000 words for each chapter.
  2. Commitment: I chose to give up every Sunday for the next five months to make this happen. With the exception of a few planned activities, I stuck to that goal, submitting the first draft in July before a family holiday to the Maldives. It was a perfect way to celebrate. I found this easier than writing during the week as work always got in the way, and I always saw this as a creative outlet. I also love working on Sundays.
  3. There is a process: You might think when you have finished, that’s it, but there were edits, questions I needed to clarify, and some chapters that needed work. I decided here to self-publish. I wanted to get the message out quicker, and I have complete control of this.
  4. Design: After spending hours in bookshops looking at other titles, I knew that I wanted something bright on the cover. That’s what stood out to me when I looked at other books. The lemon had to be bold. After six options, I picked a shortlist of two, only sharing with a couple of family and friends (too many opinions can cloud your own opinion), but I always like to get others’ thoughts, even if I don’t go with them.
  5. Recording an audible version: This was a big goal as it is how I love to consume reading content. It took nearly 15 hours to record. It challenged me more than I thought; reading your own words seems easy, but in reality, it was harder, or perhaps just more inexperienced. But I was so pleased with the finished article.
  6. Website and social pages: My team created a beautiful one-page website with a countdown to the book launch. I started to collect names of people who wanted to preorder a copy.
  7. Social media strategy: Working backward from launch day with the help of my publishing consultant team, they helped provide me with copy, email content, and social media strategies to post pre and post-launch.
  8. Launch event: I always love having a launch event. It gives a great goal to head toward if you have committed and invite people. My last one in 2009 was a big glitzy affair in a luxury boutique followed by drinks in Zuma. This time I wanted to do something different, connect with people all over the world, and hosted it in a Poddster recording studio in Dubai. I had 30 in-house guests with people tuning in globally. Drink Dry kindly sponsored the event with non-alcoholic bubbles and beer.

The book became an Amazon bestseller within 48 hours. To date, hundreds of copies sold. There are so many reasons why writing a book is so good for your personal brand. I recorded a podcast episode which you can watch here.

Do you have a book in you? I believe many of us do, making it a priority is the bigger challenge than writing it. 

If you want to increase your impact, influence and income. Book a call with the team to find out more.

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