Dubai World Cup 2024

The Dubai World Cup 2024 proved to be yet another dazzling spectacle, not only for the thrilling horse races but also for the fierce competition of fashion on display. As one of Dubai’s most anticipated events on the fashion calendar, the Dubai World Cup Style Stakes, sponsored by Emaar, drew in the city’s most stylish individuals, all vying for prizes exceeding AED200,000.

Returning for the eighth time as a judge, I found myself immersed in a world of sartorial splendour, tasked with selecting winners across five distinct categories: Best Dressed Lady, Best Dressed Man, Best Dressed Couple, Best Traditional Outfit, and Best Hat. The competition was nothing short of intense, (we were there for 4 hours) with participants pulling out all the stops to showcase their unique style.

The gentlemen took the spotlight first, setting a high bar with their impeccable ensembles. From sleek suits adorned with stylish accessories like canes and caps to modern twists like laptop bags, each contender brought their A-game. Ultimately, the title of Best Dressed Man was awarded to Alex Savva, whose impeccable suit crafted by The Custom Shop stole the show.

In the category of Best Traditional Dress, Anna Bondar captivated the judges with her ensemble inspired by the vibrant colours of Ukraine. Her traditional attire captivated the judges, showcasing both elegance and cultural significance.

However, it was the Best Dressed Lady category that truly captivated everyone’s attention, presenting one of the toughest competitions of the evening. In the end, Cassie Fahey stole the spotlight with her stunning look featuring an exquisite dress by Only one Ashley, complemented by headwear from Karen Hamilton Millinery. What made her win even more remarkable was her adorable seven-month baby bump, proving that style knows no bounds.

As a judge, the task was far from easy, as each participant had poured considerable time and effort into curating their race day looks. While there were countless stylish and race-appropriate outfits to admire, there were also a few outliers that didn’t quite meet the criteria. Strapless dresses and ball gowns, for instance, were deemed unsuitable for race day ‘Style Stakes’ attire, despite some attempts to sneak them into the competition.

For my part, I embraced the spirit of the event with a dress from Zimmerman, complemented by headwear crafted by the talented Karen Hamilton—one of many over the years.

2022 in Rebecca’s Bespoke; 2018 in Zayan The Label; and both headwear by Karen Hamilton Millinery

In the end, the Dubai World Cup 2024 not only celebrated the thrill of horse racing, sophistication of Dubai’s fashion elite but an outstanding drone and firework display, like I’ve never seen before.

As the sun set on yet another unforgettable event, it was clear that style stakes were higher than ever before, leaving us eagerly anticipating what the next year’s edition will bring.

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