Earn And Save: The Power Of This 10-Day Money Challenge

Money Challenge By Kelly Lundberg

Back in 2007, I put pen to paper and wrote down three things a day, for ten days, to either make an income or save me money. Little did I know, I’d stumble across this little treasure to make me a bit of treasure – 13 years later when I moved house! 

It resulted in a 180° attitude-change and set in motion a series of habits and new way of looking at money. 

This time round, I decided to give myself a refresher –

Watch my 2020 version on my YouTube channel:

Get The Momentum:

  • Write down the numbers 1-10 leaving three lines between each one
  • In each of these spaces, you will write an action that will/may culminate into cash in your pocket/extra 0’s in your bank

5 Ideas of How to Generate An Income:

  1. Email a prospective lead and arrange a meeting that may culminate in work
  2. Start writing that book
  3. Move house to a cheaper area / smaller space
  4. Create an online course
  5. De-clutter & sell furniture

5 Ideas of How to Save Money:

  1. Change credit card providers to one with better benefits/ lower interest rates
  2. Change your phone provider/package
  3. Dedicate a 1 day a week no-spend
  4. Start meal planning to limit over-shopping and unnecessary food waste
  5. Invest in a good quality water bottle so that you’re no longer buying over-priced bottled water.

Remember, you’re looking to set the gears in motion – think of the long game. 

That email you send may take a week before it gets a reply but then result in three separate business meetings later ($$$). 

The book you want to write might take 3yrs before it’s published, then end up on the best selling list when it does ($$$).  

These are all things that happened to me after the first time I did the 10-Day Money-Making Challenge.

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