Fashion Style Tips & Tricks: Reinventing The Gucci Hat For Winter

Gucci Hat Brand Style

Hermes, Dior, Gucci… As easy as they roll off your tongue, they might not fit so comfortably into your bank statement. Luxury fashion labels carry price tags that convert into a whole pseudo-currency of their own; whereas many like that box-fresh experience, there’s also a lot of people that make a killing on selling off their great aunt’s vintage Chanel tweed suits or 2.55 bags these days. But if you decided to go on a holiday instead of a trip to the mall, you can still look Gucci-fresh, “affordably”.

Accessories have been the hero of many outfit for centuries! Whether they snatch-in your waste over a winter coat, steal-the-show accompanying an outfit of basics or add that bling-thing to your LBD, there’s no doubt that you and everyone you know has had an outfit inadvertently saved by a bag, shoe, belt, and a drop-earring or two. And I love to play with accessories!

Although I may not have re-invented the wheel with this one, I’ve certainly made this style-hack mine as it’s totally in-line with my love of mixing high & low brands to create one-of-a-kind fashion styling not readily available on the shop floor. 

Where There’s A [Fashion] Will, There’s A [Stylist’s] Way

Recently whilst styling a client, I dived into my love of accessories to finish off an outfit for her; to balance the look, I pulled a few hats off the rack in Bloomingdales, but we couldn’t get any to fit! And that’s the thing with designer labels, not only can their expectations of women’s bodies be skewed, they seem to have forgotten about those of us with rather large brains 😉 


There it was, the glimmer of a summer style-trick that I could quickly reinvent for the winter.

I raced over to H&M to buy a hat with generous sizing then dared to cross the Gucci-store threshold with it, fitting a knitted Gucci Stretch headband over the top, et voila! Even the staff seemed impressed. Not only do you have a super-stylish new hat that you’re unlikely to find on anyone else, you also have a headband, although quite possibly the most expensive headband you may ever buy and not one for using at the gym!

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Why Styling Your Wardrobe is Like Styling Your Brand

Often, fashion styling is as much about solving problems as it is at making an impact. It’s why The S.Academy has been so successful for so many because those with a love of styling tend to be great in business. It also made my move into becoming a business mentor an easy one, having founded my entrepreneurial journey on running a business during a recession, problem-solving and evolving with one of the fastest industries out there.

My latest venture, Brand YOU, marries all of my personal styling know-how, branding expertise and business mentor abilities into one. By developing your personal brand (in your retrospective industry) you will be able to reposition yourself as an expert in your field with a strong digital presence and most importantly – credibility. It’s the blueprint for entrepreneurial longevity because YOU are the most authentic part of your brand. If you’ve got a luxury or lifestyle business that’s simmering along then this will get it bubbling again.

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Do you have a go-to style hack that you think everyone should know about? Then tag me @kellylundbergofficial on Instagram and show off your styling skills. 

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