As Tony robbins says…

The secret to life is giving back

Believe that giving should be inherent to us all which is why my team and I, BrandYOU Creators, are proud supporters of The Sparkle Foundation.

the sparkle foundation

Through The Sparkle Foundation, which aims to deliver a future in which every community has equal opportunity to live a life of health and self-sufficiency in Malawi, we are able to join this enterprising foundation to help create opportunities. It gives me and my team a wonderful and meaningful platform to support the future of children and their community.

When I met Sarah Brook, the CEO and founder of The Sparkle Foundation I could not help but be inspired and motivated to be a part of the future of The Sparkle Foundation.

At just 18, Sarah made a promise to Malawi that she would one day return to the country that she credits with saving her and make a difference to others. She made good her promise and 12 years later has helped over 14,000 lives and she hasn’t stopped there. Read her story here.

There is so much we can do to make a difference - big or small

From regular financial contributions, fund raising activations to developing Sarah’s personal brand so that she may have an even wider impact globally, have all been part of our CSR initiative. Like me, are you feeling the call to do more? Perhaps you would like to donate? Maybe you would like to join me and some of my clients on a trip to Malawi, then drop Kelly a direct message for more details.

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Every penny counts towards changing lives and helping those in need. Together we can really make a credible difference.

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