I Received The 2020 Entrepreneur Of The Year Award From Blue Ocean

…Were the words whizzing around in my head last weekend (Oops! sorry if I duped you there, but hang around, there’s something for you in this blog too).

For now, check out my sparkly new accessory –  Entrepreneur of the Year Award  from Blue Ocean’s Women Leadership Awards.

Now, although I don’t need an award to tell me that I accomplished last year, it sure feels good to be recognised – almost as good as trying on your very first pair of Jimmy Choos.

And importantly, I wasn’t the only winner. The room was filled with nominees of inspiring women who had all taken their leap, worked hard (and smart) and achieved their goals. ?

Now here’s the bit for you…

There is no reason why you, can’t achieve your dream.

So what I want you to do is envisage what that might look like for you…

  • When is this happening, a year from now or less?
  • Choose a date and think about all the things you will do between now and then.

This may seem overwhelming and that’s understandable because you are powering your best self into reality. 

Want a little help with the process?

Then book in for a Goal Strategy Session with me and make your dream a reality today!

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