It’s Time To Celebrate Women!

“Surround yourself with women who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities.”

This wonderful quote has been shared across social media so many times by women I love and support, which makes my heart happy. I must be surrounding myself around the right kinda women!

And what better time to shout out about one another than International Women’s Day!


I remember my first International Women’s Day back in 2014. I wore a monochrome Halston dress with my Jimmy Choos and a Charlotte Olympia clutch, and felt so excited to be attending an event where the simple brilliance of being a woman was at the forefront of the agenda. And look how far it’s come since then.

Many companies now see March as Women’s Month, featuring many empowering talks and impactful events. The campaign theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias and whether it is deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead.

Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough – action is needed to level the playing field. So let’s challenge this together!


I am so lucky to work with amazing women every single day. Every one of them inspires me and teaches me something new about myself. I’d love to give a shout out to two very special ladies in my life:

Natasha Hatherall

Owner and CEO of TishTash, an all-female operated boutique beauty and wellness communications agency. Natasha – or Tash, as she likes to be known – is not only an inspirational business woman, but she’s kind, full of love and will champion her fellow females from the start to beyond the finishing line. I’m grateful to call her one of my best friends. Check out @tishtashtalks or follow Tash’s award-winning diary @tashhatherall.

My Mum

A rock throughout my whole life, I have the absolute pleasure of my lovely mum working for my business now too! She never ceases to amaze me – or make me laugh – and we love to eat and drink together whilst putting the worlds to right!

Female Fusion

I can’t think of a better opportunity than now to remind you of this incredible community for women in business in the UAE. It can be a daunting journey and lonely life being an entrepreneur, and Female Fusion believes in being stronger together. It was founded in 2015 for like-minded women to meet, and it has grown to having more than 20,000 members! With its diverse network and huge heart, it is tremendous value for all women on their own unique business journey. Find out more at

Where would we be without the sisterhood?!

So Happy International Women’s Day to you!

And if you’d like to know how I can help lift you up this month, I’m right here for you 🙂

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