My Fave Books Of 2019 And How Reading Changed My Life And Business

Whenever I buy a gift, I want it to hit one of these three markers:

  • To be meaningful/personal
  • To be stylish (of course)
  • For it to not be exchanged

I’d like to believe that most of the time, I score a hat trick on gift buying.

So at Christmas, I gifted my closest friends ‘My Book of the Year’ for 2019.

… because the biggest reflection I’ve had of late, is just how much reading has changed my life and the impact it’s had on my business!

The Magic of Thinking Big – This book inspired my breakthrough moment. I was Cabin Crew at the time that I read it – I’ll let you fill in the blanks. 

I was actually quite late to the reading game and I understand better than anyone that finding the time to pick up a book and carve out some time to read it can be difficult, which is why I really recommend Audio Books.

My most recent reads have been: 

I’m always on the look out for the next good read to devour, so I’d love it if you’d share yours! Tag me on your IG Stories @kellylundbergofficial with what I should pick up/plug into next!

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