On Business And Personal Brand: The Evolution Of Brand You

Branding Youself

Transitioning from full-time Celebrity Styling to a Business & Brand Mentor, three years ago, has been my favourite journey so far and I’m humbled to have had you with me along the way. 

I loved styling, but like the necessary moment you transition from a court shoe to a real heel (#sorrynotsorry), it was time to elevate my business objectives in-line with the personal brand I’d built for the past 15 years – because ultimately, that is what made my styling career so successful. 

One of the best parts of my growth and success in business and personal brand mentoring has been the recognition of my community – I’ve received so many encouraging DMs from others on the same journey who want to make a personal branding impact in their businesses with expert status, credibility and an online presence to be proud of. 

A common misconception of owning a personal brand (which we all have BTW, whether we like it or not) is; it is just for celebs, influencers or extroverts. This is not true, the ecosystem is slowly starting to catch up and realise that hiding behind a business brand and ignoring the integral YOU of your personal brand, just won’t cut it anymore.

Check out the short training where I explain that many lifestyle business owners are missing the single most important aspect of business marketing – themselves!!


In a recent study, 91% polled, showed that consumers were more likely to purchase from a brand/business that appeared authentic. The best way to achieve this is to just be YOU, not fake you, the REAL YOU.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you want to be recognised by your clients, potential clients and the media as a thought leader in your industry. 


I share lots more reasons why you need to think about building your personal brand. Take action today and put into motion what you learn in this case study.

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