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From the stage of TEDx to the catwalks of New York, London and Milan, she has worked globally with CEOs, entrepreneurs and some of the biggest retail and luxury brands worldwide, helping them to elevate their personal brand to maximise income and impact.

Through live events and speaking engagements, Kelly teaches and speaks on personal branding and business and how they intersect, as well as sharing proven tools and teachings that will help people change their lives for the better. She has collaborated with many carefully selected brands including, Edition Hotel, W Hotel, Lenovo, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

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For Kelly, it’s clear and evident: ‘The future of business is personal’. Whether catwalk or commerce,
Kelly can engage your audience and inspire them and you to success.

sample topics

Building an Authentic Personal Brand
Assessing and refining your individual brand presence and messaging.

How to increase impact & income with personal branding
Strategies for leveraging your personal brand to enhance both influence and financial success.

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing
Empowering individuals to turn aspirations into tangible actions and accomplishments.

TEDX ‘The Currency of Life’
Exploring the profound significance and value of life’s experiences, interactions and most valuable commodity – Time.

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Kelly is a Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker, Author and Founder of BrandYOU Creators who empowers entrepreneurs to grow their personal brand and business for maximum impact and income.

With Kelly’s guidance & BrandYOU formula, achieving tangible results becomes not just a possibility, but a reality for those ready to elevate their personal brand.

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