Saving the planet one pair of pants at a time w/ Natalie Hobbs

Making an impact in the UAE is Natalie Hobbs, owner of the Modibodi franchise in the region. Sustainability advocate and passionate about change, Natalie has successfully helped more than 5,000 women significantly reduce their use of single-use disposable products, and at the same time empowering girls and women across the Middle East that they no longer need to miss out on activities such as swimming, running on sport when they have their period.


Visit the website https://modibodi.ae


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A natural outlier, Kelly took her first leap into the world of business and survived a global recession; at a time when people scaled back, she invested. Kelly has since pivoted her passion and continues to defy market predictions launching and selling businesses in between. She now uses her time-leveraged experience and business instinct mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs to grow their personal brand and reach maximum financial return.

On The Kelly Lundberg Podcast, you get to shadow the journeys of paths less travelled with inspirational women who reveal the highs of building business profitability, life lessons and the ways they survived inevitable lows. Through open and honest conversation, Kelly provides her listeners with not just a road map to entrepreneurship, departs bite-sizeable tips and steps to building a personal brand.

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