Why a Desire Statement is More Powerful than a Vision Board

I used to love my vision boards…

Well, the truth is, I think I loved the activity – the act of creating a vision board. It was fun to find lots of pictures of lots of things that I really wanted, whether that was that dream trip, business goals, the ideal client or the perfect man! But, wow. It was so time-consuming!

So I had to ask myself, how effective even were these vision boards?

As aesthetically pleasing as they were, I had to admit, I was getting lost in my vision boards. I enjoyed looking at them, seeing what I liked and what I hoped to get, but I didn’t see any of the images as things that have already happened. They were like wishes, rather than a reality.

This is where a Desire Statement differs. It is a collection of words crafted and spoken with power and conviction, to help you co-create your most ideal future.

This is something I have been doing (and my clients now for over 5 years) and the results speak for themselves.

You write down what you want to happen over the next 6-12 months, describing in detail.

I truly believe this is a much more powerful tool than pictures. You will start to manifest your desire; looking at how to take daily, weekly and monthly inspired action to become that person with that life.

Think of it this way… you don’t get what you want; you get who you are. So BE in practice.

Imagine this: 12 months from today, you are walking down the street in your local area and you bump into, of all people, you! What would you need to have DONE and who would you needed to have become in order to be a person you are DELIGHTED TO MEET?

It’s all about tricking your brain! The brain doesn’t know what hasn’t actually happened or what has already happened.

If you say something HAS happened, your brain will finds ways to create strategies. Your motivation moves in the right direction. Things will start to happen!

In December last year, I wrote a Desire Statement to be part of a Mastermind in 2023. I was planning ahead for January, knowing this was something I wanted to look into. Well! By 30th December, I had signed up to a Mastermind! Before the year had even finished, I was already committed and had ticked off one of my major goals for 2023. 

What’s more, I made a desire statement work for my personal life, too.

A few years ago when I was on holiday, I wrote down a detailed description of the person I had met, using very clear words. I had no idea how I would necessarily meet him but because the words were down on paper – creating a foundation for this to be a reality – I naturally started to do things that put me in that particular space.

Four months later, I was in the UK, and decided to use Bumble and go on a date… and there he was… my now partner, G!

When I returned to Dubai, I read that personal Desire Statement and couldn’t believe what I saw. I had written down what I wanted this “person” to say to me, and it happened to be exactly what G said to me on that first UK date.

I made this a reality. 

However, if I’d just put a picture of a man up on a vision board, I’m not sure the results would have been as powerful, but that we will never know.

So, are you ready to get started on your Desire Statement for 2023? I’d love to help so why not book a call and see how we can make your personal brand goals a reality?

The life you desire is there, waiting for you!


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