Why You Should Join A Mastermind

How’s this for food for thought: Your network is your net worth.

Think about it – what kind of people do you spend time with? Do they inspire you to do great things? Can you bounce ideas or solve problems together? Many of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs believe that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. And I wholeheartedly agree! To grow your personal brand, you need to surround yourself with the best people possible.

It’s a wonderful feeling being around a bunch of like-minded people. It’s soul-nourishing. Inspiring. Human connection at its best. So would you like to join my Mastermind?

Sounds interesting… but is it just another networking event? Another coffee morning?

No. A Mastermind is a group that brings together people who want to take action and build a more profitable business. By listening to and learning from each other, the purpose of a Mastermind is to create more impact, and therefore, more income.

If you work solo, or for a small business, it can be easy to postpone your goals for another day. Believe me, I know. I’ve been working for myself for two decades! You’re not alone if you lose your mojo from time to time, or find it difficult to get the old mojo back up and running.

But by joining a Mastermind, you have to show up for one another. You’re making a commitment. And I know from personal experience that being accountable to a coach or mentor propels you towards getting your results much quicker.

Suddenly, being part of a Mastermind, your business won’t feel so lonely. Or so overwhelming. You’re part of a community. You’re able to share your ideas and brainstorm with others as driven and determined as you. Imagine how brilliant it will feel if somebody asks a question you might never have thought to ask, and yet, it sparks something in you! Perhaps you develop that question further and challenge yourself, and you start to think big…


This is an opportunity for you to stop thinking small. When you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals, you level up to compliment one another. They will inspire you, and of course, it works both ways; you will inspire them.

I understand how soul-destroying it can be to suffer knock-backs and rejections, especially in the early days. I’ve been there. But remember, you have so much to offer that is unique. There is nobody on this planet like you. Your personal experience and area of expertise will help others on their journey, and vice versa. And the outcome? Well, your confidence will soar. You will begin to truly thrive.

Joining a Mastermind is a strong investment in yourself. And really, there’s nothing better to spend your money on, is there? Okay, maybe a pair of shoes… 😉

You deserve to be making the right connections. Some of the most valuable people in my network are those I met by joining a Mastermind. We shared our dreams, our hopes and our fears with one another, which has made our connection deep and long-lasting. 

So if you’d like to join my Mastermind, book a call and let’s think big, together.


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